The superlative comes as standard

Continuously delivering the same high quality is the key to success – both for our customers and for ourselves. That is why we have always operated under strict and consistent quality control and environmental management.


The production site in Gerhardshofen has been certified under DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1997 and under ISO 14001 since December 2010.

The aim of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard is to optimize all production processes in order to maintain and improve quality. With the ISO 14004:2004 environmental management standard, the focus is on a continuous optimization process that takes account of every aspect of environmental protection.

The ISO 14001 international standard is the world’s most significant guideline of what environmental management in companies and other organizations should involve and deliver.

Since August 2013 we are certified under the Authorized Economic Operator Status, known as AEO-F (Customs Simplification/Security) and with it we have the highest level within the AEO-Certifying.

An Authorized Economic Operator holds a special status: It means that whoever has it qualifies as overly reliable and trustworthy and can therefore claim certain benefits in the context of customs clearance.

Weilburger is also heavily involved in networking and alliance-building and is an active member of relevant associations and industry networks.

The consistently high quality of our products is reflected in a comprehensive product range:

  • Dispersion coatings

    Our water based coatings

  • UV coatings

    Our lacquers for UV curing

  • Oil-based print varnishes

    Our conventional oil-based print varnishes

  • Flexo inks and coatings

    Our flexo inks and coatings

  • Screen printing lacquers

    Our screen printing lacquers

  • Adhesives

    Our folding box and cold foil adhesives

  • Pencil lacquers

    Our pencil lacquers and special wood dipping lacquers