Protection and Design on Wood

Requirements and stress on wood are manifold and Multi faceted. Varnish will influence design and haptics of wood products and thus substantially influences the decision to buy. In this sector and for decades, we are engaged in the development of optimized coating systems for the wood industry, furniture and living quarters in particular.  

Contract furniture, bedroom and children's furniture or doors as well as cork, laminate and parquet floors – the products require varnish systems to be used cost-effectively and safely. Customized and individually for each client and type of wood, we provide the appropriate coating system.

Our global presence provides the best possible service in your area.

Our coating solutions for the wood and furniture industry include:

  • solvent-based 2K systems
  • aqueous 1K and 2K systems
  • aqueous UV systems
  • 100 %-UV systems
  • EB-curing systems
  • solvent-based and aqueous wood stains

To complete our furniture sector, we developed coating systems for furniture edging strips and decorative foils:  

  • solvent-based SH systems
  • aqueous SH systems
  • EB-curing systems
  • 100 %-UV systems  

By means of a 150 KV-ES lab radiator, we are in a position to develop clear and pigmented EBC and acid-cured lacquers meeting the high requirements of a printed decor laminate.

Furniture Industry

Permanent Embellishment and Finish

Elegant surfaces for long-lasting product life cycles: That's what Weilburger coating solutions provide for the furniture industry.  For this purpose, we offer a wide range of optimized coating systems for all traditional applications to display the natural beauty of the material as well as shape and form at its best. more


Nature from Cork to Parquet

To preserve naturalness and beauty of wood from the daily chemical and mechanical stress is a core challenge for industrial wood coating. Weilburger's comprehensive product range lets you select the right product for each system configuration and desired performance profile. more

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