Precision on Plastics

Many plastic surfaces are coated today to meet the requirements for aesthetics and haptics as well as chemical and mechanical durability. To achieve this, Weilburger offers an extensive product portfolio of water-soluble, low-solvent and solvent-free coatings. We offer product solutions for entertainment electronics, household appliances, clocks, alarm clocks, furniture handles and for the lighting industry.

Whether PVC, UP-GFK, Polycarbonate PS, PMMA, PBT/PET, PA, EP laminate, PO, ABS, PP-EPDM, PUR – we provide the best coating for your material. And, with chrome effect - just like with PVD coatings - plastics appear especially valuable, whereas our laser coatings will achieve special effects.

Our experts in research and development always develop trendsetting problem solutions. For plastic coatings, we focused on economic efficiency and functionality, i.e. durability, light-fastness (non-fading properties), abrasion resistance and adhesive strength while simultaneously meeting visual requirements.

Consumer Electronics

Sustainability in Function & Design

Design and branding have a considerable impact on the decision to buy - and our plastic coatings define both visual appearance and haptics of the product coated. In addition, they protect the product from use and add substantially to increase its value. more


Unique coatings for plastic & metal eyewear

Known and appreciated all over the world, our coatings for eyewear frames made of plastic, metal and metal-plastic compounds provide optimal solutions to suit any technical and aesthetic requirement. Creativity and innovation, the SENOPTIC® formula for the eyewear coatings. more

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