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Gloss retention and corrosion protection are key criteria when coating railed vehicles. Weilburger is the European market leader for such coatings. More than 40 years of experience form a solid base for innovative and application-oriented solutions in this field. Naturally, the complete product portfolio is available in solvent-based and aqueous quality.

Broad product spectrum

The extensive product program contains a variety of products resulting in cost optimized solutions. From 1K priming, 1K finish coating on alkyd resin basis up to 2K epoxy primer, 2K PU finish coatings and highly resistant 2K clear varnishes.

Our coating solutions

Solvent-based and aqueous 1- and 2-component primers and top coats as well as state-of-the-art base / transparent coating systems   
Easy to clean, such as removal of graffiti etc.   
Stability of brilliance colour shade, corrosion-protected Low LCC (Life Cycle Costs)   
Extensive national and international approvals  

Solvent-based and aqueous 2-component primers and top coats 
Easy to clean, such as removal of graffiti etc.

Solvent-based and aqueous 1- and 2-component primers and top coats as well as 1-layer coatings  
High chemical resistance and mechanical stability   

Highest quality and environmental protection

Our water reducible systems fulfill the high requirements at quality and the legal regulations regarding to solvent emission (VOC). The products do not contain any heavy metals, chlorinated hydrocarbons or other precarious content materials.

Coating systems for passenger coaches and freight wagons

Water reducible 2K polyurethane finish coatings and 2K epoxy primer are already supplied by WEILBURGER Coatings GmbH for more than 10 years serial production of rail vehicles.

Already since the year 2000, vehicles serially are coated with this innovative base/clear coat system. Up to now more than 2,500 rail vehicles are in service from Scandinavia to Asia.

Apart from the coating systems for passenger coaches we have developed an extensive product range for freight wagons. Beginning with 1K products for a low-cost repair up to high-quality epoxy high-built systems which are suitable for food transportation. Thousands of freight wagons were already coated successfully with our products in domestic as well as in foreign countries.

With the development of our special top coat systems we paid particular attention to a large problem in these days:

No Graffiti

Our varnishes are to be cleaned with various graffiti removers approved and utilized by state railways. They also can be re-coated without problems after light sanding. This reduces costs and is one of the most important advantages compared to the so-called “anti-graffiti varnishes”.


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