protaral® - Protective Coating for Aluminium Packaging

Interior coating for aluminium packaging, essential for protecting the quality of the products and preventing damage to the material with which they come in contact.

Internal protective coatings for aluminium packaging  

protaral® is a line of internal coatings for aluminium packaging, indispensable to preserve the quality of the products and the integrity of the material with which they come into contact. The high quality of the range of  PROTARAL® internal coatings for aluminium packaging, their reliability and their immediate availability throughout the world have resulted in success over the years especially in sensitive areas that require high quality standards such as the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

External coatings for aluminium pipes  

In addition to a range of PROTARAL® internal coatings for aluminium packaging, Weilburger offers lines of glazes for the external decoration of flexible aluminium tubes, easy to apply and compatible with many types of inks. In addition to the classic version in white, the external coatings for aluminium are available in different colours, transparent, opaque, metallized, pearled and glittery, both opaque and glossy. With high chemical resistance to alkali and acidic products and to diluents, these glazes stand the test of cold compression at a temperature of -20 °C and are ideal for a wide range of applications.

Preserving the product means protecting the environment  

protaral® is an interior coating with low emissions of volatile organic compounds and high solids content. As a result: increased productivity and very low VOC emissions. So protaral® coating systems are immediately available anywhere in the world, preserve the product and protect the environment. Therefore Weilburger constantly invests in research for the improvement of its protaral® internal and external coatings for aluminium and to respond to new market requirements.

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