More than 40 years of experience make Weilburger the main supplier of coatings for armored vehicles produced by the German defence industry.

This functional market requires a high expertise of the coating manufacturer. Thus, in the focus of the product philosophy are reliability, effectiveness, modularity and long-term availability of the systems. For example, the Leopard 2 is a synonym for a worldwide leading technology for battle tanks. Additionally, the armoured wheel vehicle Tpz Fuchs from Rheinmetall MAN is established in all member states of NATO.

The product range covers 1 K primers and top coatings as well as 2 K-EP and 2K-PUR primers and varnishes, both solvent-based and waterborne. We cover the demand on interior and exterior protection. This also includes adhesive and zinc rich primers and camouflage coatings in various gloss levels. Of course we fulfill the CARC requirements (chemical agent resistant coating) and the specifications for the armed Forces of German (Bundeswehr) as well as various US-MIL specifications.


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