Brilliance on metal

Railed Vehicles

Bright Prospects  

Gloss retention and corrosion protection are key criteria when coating railed vehicles. Weilburger is the European market leader for such coatings. More than 40 years of experience form a solid base for innovative and application-oriented solutions in this field. Naturally, the complete product portfolio is available in solvent-based and aqueous quality.     

We consider coating materials for railed vehicles a global key account. Via our German development center, its associated companies and international joint ventures we have laid the pertinent foundation. more

Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Protection, Function, Design and Automation

Traditionally, Weilburger is closely tied in to mechanical and plant engineering. In addition to classic coatings for gas meters and lift trucks, a wide portfolio of water-soluble 1K and 2K paints as well as primers for numerous application areas are available. Our ColorMix 4.0 software for state-of-the-art automated mixing technology contributes our share to more flexibility and higher Speed. more


When the thinnest film determines the quality

A lot of modern housewares achieve their quality and their functionality through a high-performance non-stick coating. They can only be convincing when they have a perfect all round finish. GREBLON® turns frying pans and bakeware, waffle makers and hair straighteners, even scissors and rollers into what they are. more

Stoves and Heating Appliances

Convincing Protective Coatings

They’re used on all kinds of household fires and have a quality that’s all their own. Excellent protection, a variety of visual options, high quality standards, clear process reliability along with real cost efficiency justify their worldwide distribution. The senotherm® coating systems have been best practice for high temperature for more than 40 years. more


Unique coatings for plastic & metal eyewear

Known and appreciated all over the world, our coatings for eyewear frames made of plastic, metal and metal – plastics provide optimal solutions to suit any technical and aesthetic requirement. Creativity and innovation, the SENOPTIC® formula for the eyewear coatings. more

Building Elements

Quicker Response to High Expectations

Variety, short-term implementation, best protection standards with guaranteed flexibility and high coating quality. Quick-drying, customized, cost-effective and therefore indeed innovative.  Weilburger coating solutions for building components, doors and gates. more

Defence Technology



More than 40 years of experience make Weilburger the main supplier of coatings for armored vehicles produced by the German defence industry.

An extensive product portfolio of adhesive primers, various primers and highly resistant top coats constitutes the basis. Long-term experience with applications and deployments in the most diverse climates.  

Depending on customer requirements, we have solvent- and aqueous products available. more

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