Keeping flexible

Environmentally friendly coating systems processed effectively via state-of-the-art intaglio and flexo printing maintaining flexibility throughout are the basic requirements for food packaging and technical packaging. Weilburger's SENOSOL provides the pertinent solution.

The large variety of our SENOSOL primers and printing coats supports the packaging industry by providing substantial benefits:  

  • Extensive product portfolio for aluminum, polyester, non-ferrous metals and many other substrates
  • Excellent suitability for direct contact with foodstuffs
  • Increased environmental friendliness through aqueous systems free of softeners
  • Outstanding cost-effectiveness and efficiency based on a high content of solids
  • Flexible processing of SENOSOL primers, because aqueous, solvent-based and UV printing colors can easily be applied
  • Optimized cost-effective 1-layer system with excellent adhesive properties of the SENOSOL series of printing lacquers, allowing for simultaneous printing of various inks  

In addition, our SENOCOIL lacquer for the aluminum-processing coil industry is distinguished by its large variety of color shades and its easy processing.


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