A Good Start for your Professional Career – An Apprenticeship with Weilburger

Surely, you have many questions regarding your education. Does the job profile match my interests? Do I have the right school education? Can I learn and work within a great team of nice colleagues? Will the company support me in school? Will I be taken over after having completed my apprenticeship?

After reading some field reports of our former apprentices from the Gerhardshofen location, you might soon have answers to those important questions.

Haben wir Dein Interesse geweckt?

Solltest Du Interesse an einem Ausbildungsplatz oder allgemeine Fragen zu einer Ausbildung bei Weilburger haben, wende Dich bitte einfach an unsere Personalleitung am Standort in Deiner Nähe:

  • Weilburg - Germany

    Mr. Jens Reichel
    Phone: +49 6471 315-0
    Fax: +49 6471 315-116

    WEILBURGER Coatings GmbH 
    Ahaeuser Weg 12 - 22
    35781 Weilburg

  • Gerhardshofen - Germany

    Mrs. Petra König
    Phone: +49 9163 9992-0
    Fax: +49 9163 654

    WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH
    Am Rosenbühl 5
    91466 Gerhardshofen


Orientation Internship?

... first steps in the world of coatings?

You want to find out, which profession you would really like and whether we are the right partner for your education? At our Weilburg, Beselich and Gerhardshofen locations we always have some free positions for students to do a work experience course or a study seminar. Just e-mail your application.

...at the Weilburg Location - Mr. Jens Reichel:

...at the Gerhardshofen Location - Mrs. Petra König: 

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