Excellent Prospects with a Global Player

Weilburger, i.e., today more than 1200 employees world-wide jointly working towards the company's success on a daily basis. Our focus: Tailor-made intelligent and sustainable solutions for our clients' challenges. For frequently – almost always – we are the ones to improve their products into what they become.

To achieve this goal, each individual dedicates their knowledge and skills with passion. From his/her own expertise, from the more than 100 years of expertise of Weilburger's and the proximity to our clients and their products. Precisely this proximity distinguishes us.

Precisely this proximity distinguishes us. It makes us strong to find effective solutions for sustainable success. Our experts for markets and technologies contribute a high degree of competence to be in a position to develop ever better solutions together with our partners from the industry. Thus, we directly or indirectly support the customer's benefit. And this specifically is made possible because of the excellent ranking among the competition we are holding today. This created confidence – and justifiably so.

Core component of our success is every individual employee – being far more than just a wheel inside the operation. We live the family atmosphere of a mid-sized company of German tradition. And we cultivate this on a global level. At each Weilburger location. On flat hierarchies we deal on an eye level with each other, respect our capabilities and qualifications. Thus, each individual can rely on us to develop within his/her Weilburger habitat and contribute his/her capabilities appropriately to the team. From administrative handling and technical departments, logistics as well as research and development. 

Particularly our intense R & D activities being the daily job routine of about 20 % of our employees is the anchor for our company's success. It is the guarantor of our Weilburger quality. A trademark within the markets for coatings and varnishes.

Today, our colleagues from R & D support our clients world-wide as integral part of our service team. Being an integral service component, it guarantees our clients local/on-site application support solving their challenges.  Even the most complicated. This approach not only creates state-of-the-art and market-oriented products, we are also perceived as key innovation drivers within the international competition. This leading edge can only be achieved by means of high-performance, economically efficient and environmentally-friendly coating systems. A claim we are integrating into and realizing with our work. 

For Weilburger and each and everyone of us it is an ongoing challenge to combine external opportunities – markets and clients – as well as internal resources – core competences, capabilities and strengths – in such a way to generate the desired synergy effects. To achieve this, we consider innovations in products and processes as well as investing in qualified employees to be key factors of success. New developments contributing substantially to sustainable changes are considered to be „innovative“ in the world of coatings. Such innovations, improving the properties profile and production process with our clients are outstanding. This is a Weilburger claim.

If you find this corporate culture and orientation attractive, then we are looking for you. No matter what the challenges are, pioneer spirit, competence and passion for the task are the basic requirements for your entering the future-oriented industry of chemicals. 

Your professional strengths are in Logistics, Finances, Marketing & Sales or in Research and Development, Production or Engineering?   

We offer challenging prospects for development and promotion in a family atmosphere right around the globe.

Aktuelle Stellenausschreibungen

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  • Weilburg - Deutschland

    Herr Jens Reichel
    Tel.: +49 6471 315-0
    Fax: +49 06471 315-116

    WEILBURGER Coatings GmbH 
    Ahäuser Weg 12 - 22
    35781 Weilburg

  • Gerhardshofen - Deutschland

    Frau Petra König
    Tel.: +49 9163 9992-0
    Fax: +49 9163 654

    WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH
    Am Rosenbühl 5
    91466 Gerhardshofen

  • Sotto il Monte - Italien

    Tel.: +39 035 4382011 
    Fax: +39 035 4382099

    Weilburger Coatings Italia S.p.A.
    Via degli Artigiani 11 
    24039 Sotto il Monte (BG)

  • Tarnowo Podgórne - Polen

    Tel.: +48 61 661 70 08
    Fax.: +48 61 661 70 01

    Weilburger Grafik-Polska Sp. z o.o.
    Batorowo k. Poznania, ul. Skośna
    862-080 Tarnowo Podgórne

  • Acheres - France

    Tel.: +33  139  113  270
    Fax: +33  139  110  463

    WEILBURGER France S.A.S.
    20 allée des souches
    78260 Achères

  • Dallas - USA

    Tel.: +1 404 994 2292
    Fax: +33  139  110  463

    WEILBURGER North America Inc.
    3824 Cedar Springs Rd#801-9346
    Dallas, TX 75219

  • Hong Kong & China

    Tel.: +852 2620 5282
    Fax: +852 2620 5292

    WEILBURGER Asia Limited
    Unit B02, 9/F., MG Tower
    133 Hoi Bun Road, Kowloon,
    Hong Kong

  • Haora - Indien

    Tel.:  +91 33 3256 7357
    Fax:  + 91 33 2661 5020

    WEILBURGER Coatings (India) Pvt Ltd
    JL NO – 04, Kandua Poly Park
    PO Jainagar, PS Sankrail,
    Howrah - 711302 - West Bengal

  • Istanbul - Türkei

    Tel.: +90 212 472 01 15
    Fax: +90 212 494 34 91

    WEILBURGER Kaplama Ürünleri Ltd. Şti.
    Osmangazi Mahallesi 2654.Sokak No:2/A
    Posta Kodu: 34522