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Coating solutions resulting in sustainable changes are considered innovative. Solutions improving property profile and manufacturing process for our clients are outstanding. That's what we're looking for.  That's what we're researching. That's the solutions we're developing. That's what we have kept our passion for new, young ideas alive for even after 100 years of experience including the entire ensuing know-how and competence.


News: WEILBURGER Graphics launches new film laminating adhesive

WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH, based in Gerhardshofen, Franconia, has developed a new, self-cross-linking film laminating adhesive for use in the indirect food packaging. In contrast to the previous two-component adhesives, this new generation of self-cross-linking film laminating adhesive guaranteed initial and final adhesive even without the addition of hardener. more

Weilburger Development Standards

In-depth R & D activity is the basis of our success: About 20 % of our employees are responsible for research and development - world-wide. While integrating all local R & D departments in the technical support of our respective local customers, overall activities are managed from our two German competence centres.  Here, we design and define standards on the formulation and quality for our global overall portfolio - i.e. global development, manufacture and support under centralized control.

  • Weilburg - Headquarters and Competence Center +COATINGS

    Head office of Weilburger and Competence Center +COATINGS. more

  • Gerhardshofen - Competence Center +GRAPHICS

    The finishing experts - Competence Center +GRAPHICS. more

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