We are Weilburger

Traditionally, specifically the enterprise, the partner, the developer and the supplier the respective markets require. Focused on the markets targeted and their individual needs and out of enthusiasm for technological and process-oriented development. Flexible at a constant growth, simultaneously economically stable regarding sales and turn-over and continuing in living the responsibility for mankind and environment. Close to the markets in a global presence to shorten distances and to streamline processes to smoothly guarantee the ongoing extraordinary quality for all our clients. This is Weilburger.

Weilburger Technology and Weilburger Quality World-Wide

We intend to be one of the best companies for coating solutions world-wide.  Our solid foundation and joint values are the factors to achieve this objective.  Cooperating as business partners inside and outside the company and our family atmosphere – supported by our founders' values – are the guarantee for an ongoing business development to achieve our targets.  By integrating these values into our daily routine, we are firmly set for the time to come.  Our acting on an even footing for the mutually best solution is realizing our fairness when developing entrepreneurial success.  Weilburger operates in this manner on 4 continents in far more than 50 countries, and this variety forms us.  Knowledge, passion and communication characterize our common corporate culture.  Around the globe, Weilburger employees contributed in their daily work and with their dedication to establishing and developing our mission statement.  This describes how we perceive ourselves, representing our corporate culture.  The model for all employees is the living basis of our joint activities.


Weilburger is a globally operating enterprise with more than 1200 employees and a total of 19 locations throughout 4 continents.  Under our roof, the business divisions +Coatings for industrial coating solutions and +Graphics providing special varnishes for the graphic sector are operating jointly. We provide tailor-made coating solutions for our clients as well as accurately customized services. Whereas top management is located a the Weilburg Headquarters, Germany, operating under the name of GREBE Holding GmbH, two German competence centers are managing world-wide standards for the divisions +Coatings (Weilburg) and +Graphics (Gerhardshofen). Here, R & D and the market portfolio are being controlled, the quality monitored world-wide and market knowledge gained in a centralized manner. Internationally, the Weilburger locations are being managed locally to translate cultural and regional market proximity into quick decision-making processes. This guarantees our flexibility.

Our owners promote continuous economic success and thus guarantee solidity and stability for both our employees and clients. In addition, active proximity realizes short decision-making processes to take the right decision for the business.

Business Model

Weilburger considers sustainable, organic growth an essential anchor for its entrepreneurial identity. Being a component supplier for numerous niche sectors, our products and services are tailored to a great extent to the clients' application. By involving us, looking for the right solution for material, resources and application, by contributing our communication strength and expertise we are in a position to focus on meeting individual requirements. To achieve this, we contribute the expertise of our outstanding chemical engineers and consultants, resort to standards and our knowledge from more than 100 years of experience and provide our R & D as integral service component. Our investment in research and development is a core factor of our success.  Today, this makes Weilburger a synonym for customized coating quality.


Our products ultimately make the clients' products into what they could be. To that end, Weilburger develops and manufactures functional coatings and varnishes for industrial and consumer goods as well as special coatings for the graphic industry. Everywhere, world-wide and throughout all industries, Weilburger coating solutions generate values and product benefits that convince:

  • They preserve and protect,   
  • the improve functions, 
  • they embellish the product,
  • they lend the product its distinguished visual appearance and haptics.

Weilburger coating solutions adhere to metal and plastics, to wood and films as well as glass, ceramics or paper and cardboard.

Focal Point Sustainability

Weilburger considers the environmental idea a central aspect of its entrepreneurial strategy. Being one of the leading developers and manufacturers in the sector of industrial functional coatings world-wide, we have both the competence and the resources to apply our capacity for performance and innovation for using ever more gentle and sustainable systems. Here, we are leading the way for mankind, nature and environment.  Because each of us is called upon to contribute to a future safe environment. When developing and manufacturing our products, we place our emphasis on efficient processes and remain focused on protecting health and the environment. We ourselves, our customers and the market value of their products as well as the environment benefit from this strategy.

Our Values


Weilburger traditionally is firmly and in-depth interlinked with the knowledge of technologies and markets.  We develop and retain our knowledge as basis for our productive potential. It serves to guarantee the logic to develop the right solution based on experience and know-how. We actively contribute to increase and preserve it by cross-linking our knowledge – across all locations and employees as well as across all challenges and solutions.


Passion makes us expedite technological and process-oriented development. We live the passion for the correct deployment of our technologies. We develop and research our technologies and recipes, our solutions for the clients' products. This passion guarantees wanting and is the credo for the appropriate application today and tomorrow.


We exchange ideas – consult within the corporation and outside with clients and business partners. We make our knowledge available, act on equal footing and respect the customs and traditions, requests and concerns of our vis-à-vis. Thus, our culture is characterized by mutual appreciation and tolerance. This guarantees participation and honesty as regards the economically most suitable and sustainable as well as fair solution.