Surfaces Convincing Clients all over the World

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Weilburger is one of the most important developers and manufacturers 
of functional coatings and lacquers 
for industrial and consumer goods plus special coatings for the graphics 
industry. Weilburger coating solutions create values and convincing product benefits everywhere, worldwide and 
in all industrial sectors. They preserve 
and protect, enhance functions and 
embellish your products. They give your products an unmistakable look and feel. They work on metals, plastics, wood 
and foil and also on glass, ceramics, 
paper and cardboard.

functional coatings and lacquers create surfaces which are precisely what 
people worldwide are looking for.

We decorate surfaces, design coatings solutions, bring completion.

They make products into what they could be. They maintain and protect everything everywhere. They generate value, create product benefits and embellish products giving them both a distinctive visual appearance and feel; Weilburger functional and special coatings and varnishes.

Our industrial +COATINGS systems work on products in nearly all industrial sectors. They function exactly within the requirements set and are tailored to fit the manufacturing process. For the graphic industry, we supply our +GRAPHICS special varnishes to provide the perfect finish – visual and haptic brilliance for paper and cardboard.

As component provider for protective, functional and design coatings we are closely integrated into our clients' and their manufacturing processes. This makes us strong. It supports our passion to find the most suitable solution. Whether standard or „tailor-made“ coatings, we supply from knowledge and expertise and we want the product to improve.

By integrating ourselves to find the right solution for material, resources and application, by contributing our strength of communication and experience, we are then in a position to concentrate on meeting specific requirements. To that end, we introduce the expertise of our outstanding chemical engineers and consultants, refer to standards and our knowledge from more than 100 years of experience, providing our R & D as integral service component. Thus we apply chemical aspects - the recipe to a solution and the product for success. Our knowledge, our passion and our communication are focused on that target.

This is how we design Weilburger surfaces – coating solutions impressing people every day, thus enriching our life.

Traditionally Progressive and Environmentally Conscious

We develop chemicals, formulate recipes and based thereon create the extraordinary Weilburger coating solution. Being one of the leading developers and manufacturers in this sector throughout the world, we have the competence and resources to deploy our capacity for performance and innovation also towards the use of more gentle and sustainable systems at all times. Here, we are leading the way for mankind, nature and environment. Because each of us is called upon to contribute to a future safe environment.

Weilburger approaches this issue in a holistic way – from the recipe and its development via manufacture up to transport and logistics. Generally, we develop our coating solutions as a triple aspect of social, ecological and economic responsibility. Then add our extremely great flexibility, our quality awareness and our promptness within the markets. These characteristics distinguish Weilburger development work and Weilburger coating solutions.

One Weilburger World-Wide

Employing a staff of more than 1200 at 11 production sites and 8 distribution locations throughout 4 continents, Weilburger today is fully globally oriented. Regarding products and services, this means short distances to our clients.  For our consultants and chemical engineers, this means a perfect link to the client's requirements as well as accurate market awareness, gained locally. For Weilburger this means: perfect interconnection around the globe. That's exactly what we are doing, that's what we provide and what we are proud of. Thus, the Weilburger quality required gets quickly and efficiently exactly to where our clients need it.

As German mid-sized company, set up on a global plane, we firmly interlinked our familial home country, its values and virtues the families owning the company have lived and perpetuated since its foundation more than 100 years ago at any given time with the Weilburger brand. We are living such a family atmosphere, this strength ensuing from continuity and reliability, at all locations. Then and now, it is an integral part of our DNA – both when acting and when taking decisions. We also promote this to our clients. Weilburger is well known in this respect.

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